Wooden Sheds
The traditional shed can be made from many types of wood and finished according to taste. Our sheds come in a variety of finishes to suit your needs.

The Shed can enjoy many uses. From general storage to a functional space for work or display. Traditional sheds have come a long way and are more stable and secure than ever.

Shed sizes are an important factor in choosing a shed. Before you choose your shed, you must, of course, decide on the optimum size for the shed and its desired function. Carefully measure your available space and consider access all around the shed for maintenance. Check out the ground and look for signs of dips and hollows which may lead to waterlogging or flooding around your shed.

The shed base is an important consideration, concrete is a favourite as is paving slabs. Gravel provides good drainage so consider carefully what you require and plan the base, leaving plenty of room for the shed to be sited on top.

We want your shed to be enjoyed and remain functional for as long as possible. Check out our shed maintenance range for ways to look after and prolong the life of your shed.

Why not check out our shed accessories to customise your shed and stamp your individuality all over it.