Summer Houses
A summer house can lift a garden and present a whole new outdoor experience. Summerhouses are becoming more functional and have been used for office space and guest accommodation as well as the traditional quiet space for relaxation.

Many summerhouses are equipped to accommodate heating or wood-burning stoves, elevating the humble garden room into a year-round garden escape. Features such as double glazing, ventilation, and insulation ensure your garden haven meets your requirements no matter the weather.

As a workroom or garden office, it allows you to keep work and personal life separate. Like going to the office without the commute.

Depending on your choice of function for your summer house there are a number of considerations you need to take into account. Heating, glazing, flooring and interior decoration can be customised at build of later if you desire. What about an electricity supply or running water?

Whatever you need your space in the garden for, we have the perfect summerhouse to meet and exceed your requirements and expectations.