Garden Storage

Somewhere to keep all your important garden things. From gardening equipment to furniture, BBQ storage to planting accessories and don’t forget bike storage. Every home needs Garden Storage. A place for everything and everything in its place. Keep things safe and tidy with our fabulous range of storage options.

Decorative and Functional

The storage can be decorative as well as functional, we offer a range of different types of storage from boxes which double up as a bench, to wheelie bin enclosures and bike sheds. Many of these storage boxes or mini sheds come in hard wearing weather resistant plastic and with such a wide range of sizes can be used for almost anything which needs to be stored in the garden.


A lean-to design is a great way to incorporate essential storage space in those often overlooked or forgotten spaces down the sides of a house.

The decisions on what to use your storage for may mean you end up with more than one type, mix it up and make your garden storage work for you both aesthetically and functionally.