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  • Panacea Modular Solitary Bee House

    These modular Solitary Bee Houses are honeycomb shaped and are designed to be a wall mounted and look great when arranged in patterns to make a piece of “wall art” that not only looks great, but also attracts solitary bees.
    Filled with removable bee nesting tubes, that have been designed specially to appeal to solitary bees, the tubes can be easily removed for annual cleaning / inspection.
    Designed to attract non-swarming solitary bees like Mason Bees, Leafcutter Bees and other solitary bees, these friendly bees are safe around children and pets and almost never sting, but are effective plant pollinators.

  • Panacea Solitary Bee House (Large (12 trays))

    Theses Solitary Bee Houses are wall mountable wooden bee house that has been designed to simulate the natural nesting conditions that solitary bees love.
    These wooden Solitary Bee Houses are made out of heavy duty cedar, which offers the bees great protection in all weather.
    They feature either 6 or 12 removable wooden nesting trays, which can be easily removed for annual cleaning / inspection – great for kids so they can see what is happening. It also means you can “harvest cocoons” and re-locate to other areas of the garden or give them to friends.