Unwelcome Garden Visitors

[ad_1] Many gardens are visited by wildlife, even in urban areas, and often these visits are beneficial; wildlife is often responsible for Pollination, pest control, and soil enrichment. Sometimes, however, the visits are not as welcome, and your garden becomes … Read More

Outdoor Water Features

[ad_1] Outdoor water features mean things like fountains and waterfalls that are suitable to be kept outside in the garden where they can help to add to the natural and peaceful feeling of being in the garden. For instance if … Read More

Birdfeeders in Your Garden

[ad_1] Birdfeeders are not only a great yard decoration, they help keep our feathered friends fed. The birds, of course, will be grateful for your largess. In return, they will reward you with cheerful melodies and hours of delightful antics. … Read More

Grow Hops on a Garden Trellis or Arbor

[ad_1] Eliminating the need for two rather labor-intensive components of hops production, a 10-foot, decorative garden trellis or arbor will save time and money when growing hops, when compared to the usual 12- to 18-foot trellis. Shorter, or more commonly … Read More

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