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  • Simple Garden Design Ideas

    If a lush garden eludes you, Pflug has your solution. Her truly easy, incredibly chic DIY garden design situates greenery against outdoor walls in a two-dimensional pattern — a method called espalier — for a romantic, luxurious getaway in just a few simple steps. The 17th-century technique was developed in France to increase the yield of fruit trees in small garden spaces, and adds vertical visual interest (especially if you have a small garden), since it doesn’t block sunlight, according to Pflug. Plus, it takes up virtually zero land space.
    To recreate the look, you’ll need galvanized wire, eye hooks, and green vines. Add a few interior-inspired touches, like a mirror or book table, and you have an oasis all your own. (Or, of course, you can also add some potted flowers based on your astrological sign.)